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Self Care Boxes

Show Yourself Some Love With Self Care Boxes

In a world that is always on the go, self-care is often no more than a novel idea. This is especially true with women. With all of the roles we aim to fill to the best of our abilities- child of God, mother, daughter, wife, homemaker, employee, boss, chef, carpool driver- the to-do list never ends.

More often than not, the one task that continually gets pushed aside is taking care of ourselves. As selfless as this may be, it benefits no one. When we are not at our best, we have nothing to give others. We must pour into ourselves if we wish to have anything to pour out. The following are just a few ways our subscription boxes for women can help.

Inspirational Journals

Inspirational journals are one of several materials to discover in our subscription boxes for women. They are not only excellent for getting your thoughts out on paper, but they also provide inspirational sayings, challenges, and more to help you live your best life.

Good Reads

At Inspirations on Hand, we love sharing encouraging and educational books for you, your kids, and your whole family. All of our self-care boxes include either one of our inspirational journals, a share-worthy book, or a similar item.


We absolutely love beautiful, encouraging, and inspirational jewelry. That’s why we add three pieces of it to every single box we put together, which allows every lady that receives our box to wear something that brings a smile to their face and a breath of fresh air to their soul.

Handbags and Clothing

At Inspirations on Hand, we also search for clothing and handbags that have the propensity to make a woman feel good about herself. If you ever receive something that’s not quite your style, just let us know, and we’ll factor it into the next box we ship to you.
While there are many ways to practice self-care, reading great books, journaling, and wearing things you love are a great place to start. Don’t be afraid to add yourself to your priority list- you’re worth it, and everyone you love will appreciate the effort. Take a look at our self-care boxes. Whether you are looking for our monthly self-care boxes or a one time experience, we have something great for you.

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