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Subscription Box

Refresh Your Wardrobe With a Monthly Subscription Box

We ladies love clothes, shoes, and accessories, but we do not always update our wardrobe as often as we should. Sometimes we just cannot find the time to shop. Other times, we need to stick to a tight budget, and a shopping spree just doesn’t support that budget.

At Inspirations on Hand, we understand both of these challenges, so we have some tips on how to overcome them.

1. Start With Dreaming

Flip through some magazines or Google images to determine what your dream wardrobe is. Cut or print out pictures of styles and items that you like for reference.

2. Go Through What You Have

Dig into your current wardrobe. How much of it matches your dream style? Be sure to hang onto those pieces. Also, keep basic pieces as those can be dressed up or down or altered to something more suitable. These, of course, would include fitted T-shirts, plain skirts and dresses, and similar items.

While looking through your wardrobe, take note of what colors you like with your skin tone and what styles flatter your body. This information can be invaluable.

3. Work On Your New Wardrobe Little At A Time

The idea of a big shopping spree is nothing short of exciting, but that’s not the only way to refresh your wardrobe. In fact, you can sometimes make much more progress by working bit by bit.
By choosing to sign up for our faith clothing and inspirational jewelry subscription box, you can breathe life into your closet. Every month- or less often if you choose- you receive a subscription box from us that includes a combination of faith-inspired clothes or handbags, inspirational jewelry, and more.

Our subscription boxes allow you to add to your items consistently for a low cost and without the hassle of getting to the store. When you sign up for our faith-inspired clothing and jewelry subscription box, you take a style quiz. We’ll then have a personal stylist hand-pick options to match that style, ensuring you love the items you receive. If you do not or your style changes, simply let us know, and we’ll update your profile.

At Inspirations on Hand, we offer monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual subscriptions so that you can choose the best option for your budget. And we throw in a little extra. Monthly and quarterly subscribers receive an additional gift in every box. Our team at Inspirations on Hand love keeping ladies feeling beautiful, confident, and encouraged. Become a part of our family today with your very first subscription box.

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