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Gift Boxes for Women

Give Back With Gift Boxes for Women

Sending a gift to a woman in your life is always a great idea. Whether it is your grandmother, best friend, mother, daughter, aunt, coworker, or your local barista, gift boxes for women are a great way to show your appreciation. And we won’t tell if you want to send a little treat to yourself, either.

Our gift boxes for women come with hand-selected items to cater to the recipient. This is done by starting the subscription with a quiz to help us determine the best products. Your personal stylist then chooses and packs items according to the quiz results.

We fill our gift boxes for women with several items. Three pieces of jewelry are added to every box so that a special lady can always feel beautiful, stylish, and encouraged. Next is an excellent book to read, an inspirational journal, or another unique item. Additionally, there will either be a piece of inspirational clothing or a handbag to match the recipient’s taste. The inspirational clothing gives the opportunity to share beliefs and personality with a message that both the wearer and viewers can appreciate.

We provide several subscriptions to help you send the amount of love you feel your special lady needs. We have monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual subscriptions as well as one time purchases. If you choose an ongoing subscription, your recipient can always update her preferences if she receives items that do not suit her, so you can rest assured that she’ll love every minute.

While every lady can appreciate such gifts, the goodness does not stop there. As a bonus, you can feel great knowing that every subscription box you purchase helps support a charitable cause. Inspirations on Hand has teamed up with the incredible organization Feeding in Motion, whose purpose is to help feed families, seniors, and others in need. A portion of all proceeds goes directly to support Feeding in Motion’s efforts.

Join us today in such a worthy cause by taking a look at our subscription services. We can’t wait to make you a part of this!

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